Haydn Englander-Porter is an award winning Australian artist. His Contemporary artworks feature in beautiful galleries, open living spaces, and hang on the walls of corporate businesses around the world.

His art resembles the true beauty of the world and the insight gained from just one painting is worth a lifetime of knowledge. With the ability to utilise all artistic mediums in his artworks, his creative mind really makes your imagination run wild. He believes that art means more than just colours on a canvas. He says “Art is about life, you live it, you breathe it, it’s everywhere”. 

Englander-Porter inspires conversation and creative thinking for both corporate and personal.  He inspires people and businesses globally with his fabulous work. You are one lucky person to have an Englander-Porter painting on your wall.


Haydn Englander-Porter studied Art at the Melbourne School of Art, in Melbourne, Australia. He is celebrated for the versatility in his artworks, taking inspiration from many masters across the globe.

Since the late 1980s, Englander-Porter has immersed himself in mastering oils and acrylic painting, drawing, pen and ink, sculpture and installation techniques. His artworks are more than just technique; he believes that art is an expression of life and the inner self and a way to tap into the subconscious.

While he enjoys all forms of art, painting will always be his first love. From an early age of 4 years old he started creating his first abstract paintings and found his niche many years later as a 12 year old when he started creating pencil sketches of peoples houses, architectural structures and feature buildings. The next 5 years he would develop skills in the mediums of watercolour, pencil, pen and ink, gauche, pastels and oils under the influence of inspiring teachers, including the likes of Kenneth Jack. He was also inpired by the artist Picasso through this growing period.

He attended the Melbourne School of Art in Victoria, Australia in 1994-1996 then followed up courses in Architectural rendering, watercolour and further progressed his career as a highly skilled artist selling artworks globally until the present time, winning many art awards along the way. He is best known for his Blue Trees series of artworks as well as the 7 stripes series, endless line series and Archibald prize portrait paintings.
He is a yearly contender in the prestigious Australian Archibald art prize, Moran art prize, as well as many other art inspired art prizes. He believes that inspiration lies all around us, in the sensory experiences we encounter every day.


For Haydn Englander-Porter, exhibitions are a way to explore the exciting relationship between life, art and living in the present now. Exhibitions are about capturing a moment in time.

He explains, “I’m an artist that thinks above and beyond. I paint from the heart, manifesting ideas that come along right at that exact moment. My artworks can take months, even years, to create, and only when they’re aligned with what I’ve set out to achieve will they be ready to be shown to the world. I am an artist creating artworks that stir the imagination. My artworks all have a direct purpose.”  

Englander-Porter explores the inner workings of the mind in his artworks, with shapes and colours to impact every viewer in a unique way.

Galleries have showcased his artworks both Australia-wide and internationally.


“War Notes”.
“The Birth of DNA” plus additional artworks.
The “United Stated of America” series.
The “Sleepwalker Series”.
Plus other major ongoing works and installations.


2016 – Archibald Prize contestant.
2016 – Moran Art Prize contestant.
2017 – Archibald Prize contestant.
2017 – Moran Art Prize contestant.

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